Nelsons Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

Tara and Trey Nelson along with their spouses Bob Wade and Lonny Higdon are hosting a reception to honor their parents, Hugh and Shirley Nelson, at Memorial Baptist Church, Crossville, TN, on Sunday, July 8, 2018, from 2 until 4 p.m. They were married July 6, 1968, in Pascagoula, MS. They have three granddaughters, Maddy, Grace Ann and Maggie.
In the spring of 1967, Hugh and Shirley were enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi in geology but in different classes. As part of the class requirements, they went on a field trip, thus the beginning of their 50 years of adventures. When they were married, Hugh was in the Navy stationed at Barbers Point, Hawaii. They spent the first two years of life together in Waianae, Hawaii. While Hugh served in the Navy, Shirley began her teaching career at Waianae High School.
When his tour of duty was over, they moved to Pascagoula, MS. Hugh completed his education, and Shirley continued her teaching at Pascagoula High School. Hugh worked in public accounting for several years and then in private accounting for a resort developer. This job introduced Hugh to Cumberland County, "the mountain," and he immediately loved the area.
Hugh was offered a position in the resort industry in 1981 and "the mountain" has been their home ever since. For a period of time, Hugh was general manager of Lake Tansi Village as well as serving as district manager of several resorts in Tennessee while Shirley continued her career at the Tennessee Technology Center. In 1987 Hugh left the resort industry and began working with local public accountants until he was offered a position as controller at Master Corp. Hugh retired in 2011 as CFO at L.P. Shanks.
Hugh and Shirley would like to have friends, neighbors and co-workers come by and help them celebrate this special occasion.

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